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Best ever home school Activity,Find,make and write about products.

Making a phone and adding a description (essay) is one of the unique and cool homeschool activities.
 Nokia 2000 made by the 7yrs boy.
Homeschool ActivitiesThis is an age of It and Phones/tabs/computers, PST, and other devices had already replaced many other devices.Outdoor games are getting ignored and sitting rooms are muting day by day.
The new generation is also under the deep influence of all these devices.
What is the Role of homeschool activities to introduce new generation with new technology as well as the right use of them?
Parents are not in the condition of saying them "No" As
 Kids are watching moms and Fathers most of the time busy in scrolling iPhone!
So! How A Good homeschooling is possible with good parenting Guide.Today we need to get more advanced and a step ahead to accept and molded new technology into rapid benefits.
My elder 7+ yrs boy and youngers are also dreaming to grow big and waiting for possible reach to the iPhone.(I'm very strict with them to understand that personal iPhone allowed just to adults, of course, they have a desktop). I would really like them to get mine for a short time. And in that interval using tricks I always motivate them to do creative things and learn useful things (Best ideas to use iPhones could get here)With the iPhones.
Now what the older one did? He made this iPhone using Paper.
I was in a condition of a shock to see him under that much influenced of iPhones. I was collecting words to explain why he could not get iPhone in this age. But the next moment I praised for his work. And discussed how he made this. He told me that 'this is a Nokia phone. And I had made another one for younger brother'. And those both were flipping phone.
Homeschool activities
So I can say proudly, home school activities provided him a big space to learn and grow. And using self-creativity he had made done a super job and his observation and memory were super high. No one around me is using Nokia phone, but he watched that somewhere and using memory he had made a perfect phone with all keys.
The phone was pretty good. He was glad and I too. But this did not the end. We were going to add a new home school activity with this. 
I asked him to write down the features(essay) of his Phone.
And this was a great experience. His involvement in writing was pretty more than any other thing. He was writing and I was analyzing myself how much knowledge I can transform.Here is another picture of what he had written. (Ignore the writing as it was then not written to show off and also creativity doesn't demand beauty)
Homeschool activities
Essay My phone Nokia 2000

What he learned with this home school activity is:-
  • Deep Observation.
  •  Exploring Technical things.
  • Motor skills.
  • Writing skills.
  • Curiosity to learn more.
  • Personalising things.
  • Featuring the products.
  • Knowledge about phones.
  • and obviously more confident.
Besides, iPhone what other products or toys kids can make and write for them are..... Remote control cars,(Younger one had made pic is down) Calculators, Tabelphones, computers, Coffee maker toy, washing machine toy, Oven toy, radio, speakers, exercise machines, Aeroplan or rocket toys.
Homeschool activities
Remote control car with the remote.

homeschool activities
Rockets Crafts.

What do you think iPhones have bad or a good influence on kids? And What should be Parents role to educate them about benefits of other devices.? Share with us if you have more idea's about the activities could be done like this.
My comment box is waiting for your views.
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  1. I like it very much... My little you feels alone at home and complains about getting bored with toys and syllabus books. I found it really helpful besides the typical crafts and other long turned articals. Thank you... I need more idea's to help my daughter. I will email you soon.

  2. Thanks for complements... Yes you can send email for free help/guise.

  3. Seems like such a nice activity for kids. Will share it with my family and friends who have kids. Thank you for sharing :) (

  4. love this activity i am going to try this my 9 and 5 year old boys , thank you for sharing such an informative post.

  5. Thanks for sharing this article it's a great article

  6. Lovely idea to keep the kids busy & I like that you've added which learning outcomes this covers... good to know! Saving for future reference!

  7. That's really impressive seeing you said nobody around you uses a Nokia! :) Mashallah!

  8. I like how he wrote an essay on it. It's always good for them to write about something they are interested in. My eldest is 7 but I do not plan on giving her a phone for a very long time. #muslimahbloggers

  9. I like this activity and I think it would be great for keeping a child engaged and the essay allows them to practice much needed skills.

  10. This sounds fun and interesting...i love this kind of activities...enhances the child brain development....that's a cute phone by the way...

  11. In a world where everybody has a phone including children it's very hard to teach children about the disadvantages of it too. I am strictly against kids using phone but my little brother is so stubborn that he always find a way to get my mother's mobile just to play a game. I have seen 10 years old using social media which kind of scares me. I don't know but I myself am strictly against this because you know it can affect children's mind directly.
    Love this activity though ❤

    1. Yes you are absolutely right Yousra Naeem. Mine kids are mentally prepared that they will get phone when they turn 18 years old.But to meet modern challenges and demands, we can't neglect its importance. You can read my artical about good apps with no bad effects linked down. And for games computer is much better with scheduled timing and also for learning purpose.thanks for complements.


Thanks for compliments.

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