Saturday, 9 September 2017

Best Muslim kids activities to teach About Islam

Muslim kids activities always helped me a lot to teach my kids and I hope these will also help you.

 All children love to Draw. And education starts with coloring and drawing activities.We also can use colors and draw to teach kids many things in Islam.It's a best and simple method to teach verbal things like names of the things. Practice and hand made drawing also leaves a long time impact on kids mind. And with the help of a little discussion, we can transform knowledge related to that activity.
I use drawing mostly to teach my kids about facts of the world science and religion. Religious knowledge is always hard to teach and kids get bored while we try to teach them. But if we make it a little fun it really works.
In this article, you can find drawing about animals and birds mentioned in Quran, about times of five prayers, creations of Allah, Arabic alphabets, good dead tree and a pencil sketch of the concept of Jannah.

Muslim kids activities
Insects and birds mentioned in Qura'n

Muslim kids activities
Animals mentioned in Qura'n

Muslim kids activities
Times of the Five Prayers

Muslim kids activities
Creations of Allah/Day And Night

Muslim kids activities
Alphabet Train to learn Arabic alphabets

Muslim kids activities
Good deeds tree or Tree of Adam A.S

Muslim kids activities
Concept of Jannah

My son made it by himself and enjoyed. And Alhamdolilah he now remembered all these things by heart. Other wise in such a young age of 6 its hard to memorize these types of things. We can make and do much more stay tuned with me to get and share much of yours.

Share your experience how your kids used to learn these thing. Also let me know Which religious thing you think is much hard to teach kids?
Adiba Anwar
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